BB16 Fans Hate Christine, Boo Her After Her Eviction.

Big Brother 16 Christine Booed
Christine evicted, and booed on her way out.

A lot of Big Brother 16 fans got what they wanted tonight. Christine Brecht was evicted during the double eviction episode.

Nicole was the first evicted and Christine was second. Christine was obviously livid at being evicted, she never ONCE looked at her fellow houseguests on her way out the door. She beelined it out of the house and onto the BB stage with Julie Chenbot.

It was like jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Big Brother fans booed her.

BB16 Christine Brecht Evicted And Booed
Christine and hair farmer Victoria.

But let's go back to Christine's eviction speech, shall we? Here's what she said:

"Tim, I love you, and you're hot, and I miss you."

The audience gasped.

"Guys I would love to play this game, I'd love to continue. I'd love to be the last girl standing, that sounds pretty cool. I would just like to have more fun because this is my dream, Imasuperfansothanx."

Then she made some weird noises and it was awkward....but not as awkward as it was when she was evicted.

Christine grabbed her shit - no wait - she said 'fuck this' and left her shit, then stormed right out of the Big Brother house. She had no idea what was waiting for her on the other side.

The boos filled the live audience. Christine went from rushing out the door to slowing her pace as she realized people in the audience hated her.

CBS took a little jab at Christine as well; by airing this tweet:

BB16 Frankie Fakie
Frankie fake hugs Victoria after Christine's eviction and boos.

Julie asked Christine if she was shocked, and she said she was. Blah, blah, blah, then Julie asked Christine about Cody. We were all ears..

BB16 Christine Brecht Exit Interview
Julie grills Christine about Cody

"You got super close with Cody this summer...he voted against you. It seems like you two come from completely different worlds, what was it about Cody that attracted you to him?"

"Well we were just great friends," Christine responded as she subconsciously waved her wedding ring at the camera. "He had a hilarious personality. Um, I thought he was really funny, and so we became really good friends."

Christine Brecht Booed on Big Brother 16
Christine says he was "really funny" as she waves her wedding ring...

Do you think Big Brother 16 fans were out of line for booing Christine during the 'live' double eviction? I've heard some fans say it's unacceptable behavior but I tend to disagree. What do you think?

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