Big Brother 16 Backyard Interviews: Zach Attack!

Big Brother 16 Backyard Interview Zach Rance
Zach Rance's BB16 backyard interview with Jeff

Zach's Big Brother 16 backyard interview with Jeff Schroeder is obviously the best one!

Zach Rance, who was probably the live feeders' 'favorite' houseguest (as a whole), is hilarious in his interview, telling Jeff that, "it's no longer 'Zankie,' it's 'Zariana'!"

He tells Jeff that Frankie's sister, Ariana Grande, gave him new pink hats for the BB16 finale.

He also flips Jeff sh*t for taking so long to propose to Jordan.

Zach says some of his favorite moments were the times he was going off on people. Like Devin and Amber. When Zach talks about Amber he looks around for her, doesn't see her, and keeps talking about her. He has no idea she is right behind him, lol.

Zach also says he is "so happy" that Donny won America's Favorite. "Donny's the (BLEEPED OUT BY CBS) man."

Zach keeps busting Jeff's balls throughout the interview and it's hilarious. "What was your name on the show?"

Jeff answers, "JEJO?"

"That's the worst name I've ever heard in my life. ZANKIE is tight. And we're gonna be on Amazing Race. You can bet your bottom dollar on that."

BB16 Zach Rance Backyard Interview
You Fruit Loop Dingus!

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