Big Brother 16 Backyard Interview: Victoria

Big Brother 16 Backyard Interviews Victoria
Victoria's BB16 backyard interview with Jeff
Jeff Schroeder interviews Victoria Rafaeli in the Big Brother 16 backyard. (Victoria's voice is as annoying as usual. You might want to adjust the volume.)

Funniest part of Victoria's backyard interview is probably where Jeff tells her he is going to bring her "back down to earth."

Ha! I was like, "What a dick thing to say!" But it was funny. Just kind of....rude? Rude funny.

Victoria seems eager to get back to her real life, and her phone. Jeff says she is one of the lucky ones who get to experience Big Brother from beginning to (almost) the end. Victoria responds:

"Hell yeah! Amazing! Last girl standing! I was the princess of this season!"


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