Big Brother 16 Backyard interviews: Frankie

BB16 Backyard Interview Frankie
Frankie's BB16 Backyard Interviewer
Glittered up and dressed in an ivory suit, Frankie Grande was interviewed by Jeff Schroeder in the Big Brother 16 backyard after the night's finale episode.

The funniest part of the interview for me was when Frankie talks about his twitter followers. Rumor has it 'someone' bought followers for Frankie's account recently. He has tons of spambots following him. Could be purchased followers, but could also be because he was trending a gazillion times this summer. #Zankie

Anyhow, Frankie tells Jeff that he went into the house with 540,000 Twitter followers. He says he currently has 954,000. Frankie also says he can't wait to be on The Talk with Julie Chen Thursday morning.

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