Big Brother 16 Backyard Interviews: Donny

BB16 Backyard Interviews Donny
Donny's BB16 backyard interview

With more than 5 million votes, Donny Thompson won Big Brother 16's 'America's Favorite Player' title and the hearts of many BB fans.

Jeff Schroeder interviewed Donny in the Big Brother 16 backyard and as usual, Donny was humble and grateful.

 Donny was shocked to hear he had been trending on Twitter but says he knows "what a hashtag looks like." He was also shocked to hear that Jeff had visited his family.

Probably the funniest part of Donny's backyard interview is where Jeff forgets Victoria's name. You have to watch the video if only for that. Skip to 3:15. It's awesome. I can't BELIEVE CBS didn't edit it out.


Donny says being a part of America's Favorite Player was fun and that it wasn't hard for him to keep it a secret in the house, but it was harder to keep the secret in the jury house.

Donny also said he knew Derrick was a cop.

Congrats on America's Favorite Player, Donny!

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