BB16 Backyard Interviews: Jeff Interviews Amber

Big Brother 16 Backyard Interview Amber
Amber's backyard interview
The Big Brother 16 backyard interviews were not LIVE after the show's finale Wednesday, unlike seasons past, but CBS has uploaded them for your viewing pleasure.

Amber Borzatta, fifth houseguest to be evicted from the Big Brother 16 house, talks with Jeff:


Amber tells Jeff that she would absolutely come back into the Big Brother house. She also says she is single,

The interview was a little awkward at times, lol. Jeff said Amber should come back for a "Beautiful Baby" season, and she was all like, 'WTF?' Jeff reiterates that when he says "babies" he means women. Uh, okay then, heh.

Amber adds that she has been traveling, doing charity events and meeting previous cast members. Good times for Amber.

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