Marcellas Reynolds on Ariana Grande's Diva Tendencies

Ariana Grande Diva Brother Frankie Grande
Marcellas on Ariana's diva antics
Big Brother's Marcellas Reynolds reports on Frankie Grande's pop star sister, Ariana Grande, and her DIVA ways.

According to Marcellas, Ariana has a list of things she refuses to discuss with media.

They are:

1. Relationships
2. Dating
3. Ex-Boyfriends
4. Mariah Carey
5. Sam & Cat (I had to Google it.)
6. Collaborating with Bieber

Ariana Grande Diva Like Frankie
Other rules for paparazzi:

1. No shooting her in natural light
2. Only take photos of her LEFT side

Ariana allegedly threw a hissy fit after a photographer took photos she didn't like. She insisted he delete the photographs, but he refused, causing Ariana to sic security on him.

"Between her and her brother's antics on Big Brother, the only time we want to hear the word GRANDE is at Starbucks...or Taco Bell."
- Marcellas Reynolds on Ariana and Frankie Grande

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