Marcellas Reynolds on Ariana Grande's Diva Tendencies

Ariana Grande Diva Brother Frankie Grande
Marcellas on Ariana's diva antics
Big Brother's Marcellas Reynolds reports on Frankie Grande's pop star sister, Ariana Grande, and her DIVA ways.

According to Marcellas, Ariana has a list of things she refuses to discuss with media.

They are:

1. Relationships
2. Dating
3. Ex-Boyfriends
4. Mariah Carey
5. Sam & Cat (I had to Google it.)
6. Collaborating with Bieber

Ariana Grande Diva Like Frankie
Other rules for paparazzi:

1. No shooting her in natural light
2. Only take photos of her LEFT side

Ariana allegedly threw a hissy fit after a photographer took photos she didn't like. She insisted he delete the photographs, but he refused, causing Ariana to sic security on him.

"Between her and her brother's antics on Big Brother, the only time we want to hear the word GRANDE is at Starbucks...or Taco Bell."
- Marcellas Reynolds on Ariana and Frankie Grande

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  1. Marcellas, loved you on BB and just from what I have read this entire family is Trash. The suggestions of gang rape, punching a woman in the mouth, wishing someone would kill herself, and the continued sexual molestation that Frankie does of continually grabbing the other men in their crotch areas after repeatedly being told to stop is disturbing to say the least. If it had been a man grabbing a woman in her vagina there would be hell to pay and a jail cell to go along with it so why CBS do you have a double standard and do not say because he is Gay because I know plenty of Gay men and that is not how any of them act or want to be perceived!! Ms Chen calls Aaryn out last year for racial comments but if you google Mr. Grande he has made horrible racial comments and yet Ms. Chen does nothing but condone his actions. The NFL has finally after seeing the video acknowledged there is a problem with violence against women, but Grande suggest some of the most heinous acts possible toward women and CBS does NOTHING!!! Yes, free speech is allowed in this country but free speech and suggesting violent criminal acts against women are not the same thing or sexual molestation regardless of the gender!!! Ms. Chen would you feel differently if it were your SON that Grande was grabbing in his crotch after telling him to stop or if it were your daughter that Grande suggested gang rape or punching? Well Zach, Cody, Caleb and Derrick are someone's son so it should matter!!! Victoria and Nicole are someone's daughters so it should matter, and who is to say that everything is caught on camera or you show it all. Victoria will always have doubts of what happened to her when she was passed out when she reads what that despicable person suggested be done to her and CBS you are responsible for it!!! CBS you have dropped the ball and you should of held Mr. Grande accountable for his horrid actions and suggestions in the house. That his sister is tweeting let Grande win AFP is even more disturbing because is his family really that sick that they see nothing wrong with what he has said and done and if BB allows him to win what does that say about how complacent America has become about violence toward women and sexual molestation regardless if it happens to a man or a woman. Stopped watching and will not watch again because of CBS total lack of respect for these people an not stopping Grande when they had the chance! The entire Grande family should be ashamed and embarrassed for raising such disgraces to humanity!