GinaMarie Isn't a Fan of Christine's.

BB16 Christine Brecht GinaMarie Zimmerman
Christine talks about GinaMarie, GinaMarie responds on Twitter.

After talking about BB15's GinaMarie Zimmerman on the Big Brother 16 live feeds, Christine Brecht has managed to ruffle some feathers.

GinaMarie's feathers.

Monday afternoon Christine nonchalantly mentioned that she doesn't like GinaMarie or Amanda from BB15. I'm pretty sure at that point GinaMarie and Amanda's fans starting tweeting them, telling them what Christine said, and helping to fuel the fire.

Big Brother 16 Live Feeds
Flashback time 8/11 1:40pm BBT

GinaMarie responded via Twitter, and she pulled no punches.

"Just remember I don't start shit , I finish it #bb16 . Don't say nothing bad about me I won't say nothin bad about you. :) " - @GinaMarieZ

That was pretty much the nicest tweet. Here are some others:

Christine's husband Tim caught wind of the whole thing and here's what he had to say to GinaMarie:

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