BB16: Caleb Reynolds Lies About Going to West Point

Caleb Bankston Lies About West Point BB16
BB16's Caleb Reynolds lies about his military past

If there's one thing that is downright despicable, it's guys who pretend they have more (or in this case, more prestigious) military experience than they really have.

There are groups online who specifically call out guys like this, and once Caleb Reynolds gets out of the Big Brother 16 house he has some explaining to do.

Derrick Levasseur, the police officer in the BB16 house, called Caleb out. He heard Caleb say he went to West Point, a prestigious 4-year military academy, and he started asking questions. Caleb tried saying he went there for 2-years, but it's a 4-year school. Derrick knew what he was talking about, while Caleb clearly did not.

Caught in a HUGE lie, Caleb then tried to play it off like he went to West Point for 2-years then dropped out. Derrick keeps grilling him and in the end Caleb simply laughs it off. Ewww. If you didn't like him before, now you have a damn good reason not to.

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