BB16 Fans Yell 'I Love You, Zach!' Into the Backyard

Big Brother 16 Fans Yell Into Backyard
Derrick loves hearing the BB16 fans yell, "I love you, Zach!"

As some of you hardcore fans know, the Big Brother house has plenty of residential neighbors and it's possible for fans to yell into the backyard and be heard. It's been awhile since fans have attempted to contact Big Brother houseguests, but Monday night it happened.

Big Brother 16 Live Feeds 
Flashback Time 8/11 10:15pm (just before 10:16) BBT

Derrick, Christine and Cody are outside talking on the hammock. They hear someone yell something about Big Brother. Then Derrick hears, "I love you, Zach!"

Christine isn't impressed. "That's disgusting!"

"Oh my gawd, I definitely just heard them say it," Derrick says. He's getting a kick out of it while Christine keeps repeating how disgusted she is. "Please don't tell him that that just happened," she begs.

Derrick replies, "I have to. That's amazing. Is that not amazing? Is that not amazing?! That is f***ing ridiculous!"

Christine chimes in again. "You can't tell him that, he's gonna..." Derrick cuts her off. "SO frigging jealous right now, it's not even funny."

"He's gonna have a huge head," Christine finishes.

"Is that something you HAVE to tell him?" Derrick asks Cody. (Saying it more as a statement than asking a question.) Cody says he didn't hear it. Christine says she didn't hear it clearly either.
Derrick tells them exactly what he heard:

"I heard, 'We love you, Big Brother, clear as day, and then I heard, 'I love you, Zach,' and the guy said, 'I love you more!' So sick!"

"You heard it too!" Derrick points at Christine, who laughs, and without saying anything, acknowledges that she heard it too.

Then Big Brother called for a lockdown and we got fish. So which of you superfans is going to admit it was you? :)

(Houseguests talk about the incident again at 11:24pm)

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