Victoria Found On The Bathroom Floor In Pain

Big Brother 16 Victoria Rafaeli Wisdom Teeth
BB16 Live Feed Screen Grab of Victoria's swollen face from LK

Breaking News: Big Brother 16 houseguest Victoria Rafaeli was found on the bathroom floor, crying and in serious pain.

Last night live feeders noticed that Victoria's face was swollen. Apparently her wisdom teeth were causing her some discomfort. As a former dental assistant I knew right away that Victoria has an infection going on and needs antibiotics, STAT. Not sure if Big Brother had her seen by a doctor last night or not (anyone know?), but her wisdom teeth pain continued until this morning, when she was found slumped on the bathroom floor in pain.

Big Brother 16 Live Feeds Flashback 
Saturday 8/23 11:14AM CAM 1/2

Victoria has been in the bathroom for an extended period of time. Nicole is plucking her eyebrows and doing her morning routine when she hears Victoria crying in the bathroom. After listening for a moment, she asks, "Victoria, are you okay? ... You need something? ... Are you going to the bathroom?"

Nicole approaches the bathroom and opens the door. She finds Victoria on the bathroom floor. We see her hand near the toilet.

BB16 Victoria Wisdom Teeth Bathroom Floor
Nicole finds Victoria in pain on the bathroom floor
Nicole is stunned at Victoria's condition. "What doesn't feel good? Oh my God, you're so sweaty!"

"Okay, I'm going to go get help, okay?"

Nicole screams for the police officer, Derrick, and the live feeds go to fish.

Quite a scary situation, as tooth infections can easily spread to the brain, especially with top teeth. My guess is that her wisdom teeth are impacted and require surgery. In the meantime, a steady dose of antibiotics for 10-days or so should help clear up any infection Victoria may have. She won't be getting any teeth pulled now, not with an infection, but this should take care of her until she leaves the Big Brother house and can get the required surgery on her wisdom teeth.

I might not be the biggest Victoria fan, but tooth pain is no joke. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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