McCrae And Jessica Are Officially A Couple Again

McCrae Olson Jessica Fisher Girlfriend BB15
McCrae Olson of BB15
Before Big Brother 15 and "McCranda" there was McCrae and Jessica.

Almost exactly one year ago, McCrae opened up to Andy about his hometown girlfriend, Jessica. He told Andy that he couldn't stop thinking about Jessica, and that he knew she would be pissed at him for hooking up with Amanda. This was about the time many BB fans began to question McCrae's true feelings for Amanda.

"Don't tell Amanda, just between me and you, that's exactly how I feel here, where it's like, 'ahh f**k,' and I know that she's [Jessica] watching, like super suuuuucks." - McCrae to Andy

Fast forward to the letter that Amanda found and McCrae publicly released, and Amanda was out, Jessica was back in. I'm sure it wasn't THAT simple, but it was ultimately the outcome.

On Facebook earlier today McCrae and Jessica made it official:

Big Brother 15 McCrae's Girlfriend Jessica
The Official Facebook Relationship Status.

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