Jessie Kowalski Hates Everyone From BB15

Jessie hates her BB15 cast.
Big Brother 15's Jessie Kowalski lashed out at her former BB15 houseguests on Twitter Monday, saying the racism and bigotry continues outside of the house.

From the looks of it, it appears that BB15 winner Andy Herren may have said something about Jessie not being "relevant" in a CBS chatroom. Of course some assh*le fan then took that information and tweeted it to Jessie. I'll never understand why people do that.

Also, there still seems to be an argument about what went down after the Big Brother 15 finale party. Remember all that drama with Judd and Jessie and Aaryn and GinaMarie and Liza, and....omg. (UPDATE: this fight is about a Big Brother 16 premiere party fight, I guess. Who can keep up?)

Anyhow, Jessie was pretty pissed yesterday and she took to Twitter to vent, and to garner up support from her loyal fans.

"If you guys think that last season sucked try being a part of the cast! They make life suck!"

BB15 Jessie Kowalski Gina Marie Zimmerman Fight
The BB15 drama never ends.

She kept tweeting, and the Twitter Wars continued.

"Is not blatantly obvious to everyone that the bb bandwagon that was #bb15 still exists? It's so f**ked up!"

She also says at some point GinaMarie physically pushed her (was this after the finale party last year?) and that Judd just sat there.

"Haha if I would have touched Gina she would have taken me out! She pushed me and grabbed me and Judd did nothing about it! #liars #phonies"

Jessie's fans comforted her. One even tweeted: 'I think Judd never means harm. He just a coward and chooses the easiest path possible. #Pegged'

Then Liza Stinton jumped onboard, supporting Jessie.

"Sending a lil <3 to my girl, @JessieClaire88 Speak the truth and hold your head high"

GinaMarie really did not take to kindly to Jessie's jabs. She called Jessie a "crazy bitch," and said she "plays the victim".

BB15 GinaMarie Jessie Fight Twitter

GinaMarie also added that she doesn't drink, so she remembers all details of the fight with Jessie.

Twitter Fight BB15

Judd actually piped in as well. He's Team GinaMarie. Judd says Jessie is playing the victim and that she actually pushed GinaMarie, while GinaMarie's knee was injured. He wrote:

"Notice 90% of the post #bb15 drama all relates back to Jessie? She's hot but don't fall for the victim act! #triedtostayquiet"
"Jessie only pushed @GinaMarieZ because her knee was hurt."

Whose team are you on?

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