BB16: Zankie is Real, and Zach Wants Frankie. Bad.

Big Brother 16 Frankie Zach Showmance Zankie
BB16's 'Zankie': The Frankie and Zach Showmance

Yes, Frankie and Zach have seemed rather close during the first week or so in the Big Brother 16 house, so close that BB16 fans have made showmance videos about them.

@AllBBUpdates even captured a conversation between Brittany and Cody on the Big Brother 16 Live Feeds, where Cody says Zach is VERY sexually attracted to Frankie, and wants to have sex with him. This season just got a lot more interesting for me! :)

Yes. You heard that right. After Brittany says she thinks Frankie and Zach are going to have a showmance, Cody agrees. "I will tell you this, and I will not....please don't say anything..."

Brittany promises, "I won't."

"I swear to God, because I will know it was you. I've not told anyone 'cause I've like, kept this in....but he (Zach) came up to me when we were at the photo thing, Zach did, and he was like, 'Bro, bro, I wanna f**k Frankie.' I was like, 'What?!' "

Brittany and Cody talk about Zankie
Brittany says she had a similar experience.

"At the photo thing he walked up to Frankie and was, like, staring at him up and down. He's all, 'You're making my d**k hard.' "

Brittany and Cody share a laugh and Cody continues. "I hadn't spoke to Zach yet, this was Day 2 that we did the photo shoot. Zach and me didn't really talk Day 1."

Cody also said that Zach has never had a gay friend, he doesn't think Zach's ever felt that way about another guy, and he might be confused.

FLASHBACK TIME: July 1 Monday 6:28AM.

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