Is Frankie Falling In Love With Zach on Big Brother 16?

Frankie Grande Zach Rance In Love BB16
Frankie and Zach "in love"?

They've been hot and cold, but for some reason I think Frankie Grande and Zach Rance are the real deal; and it looks like Frankie might be falling in love with Zach.

Big Brother 16 live feeds FLASHBACK, July 13, 7:03 PM BBT, Camera 1

Zach's been sleeping all day, as per usual, and Frankie goes into the bedroom to tell him that it's 8pm (he's off by an hour). Frankie lays on him. Zach responds, "And I'm still gonna sleep for like, 2 hours." They share a laugh and Frankie leaves Zach to sleep. As he walks away you can hear him whispering to himself (and the live feeders):

"I'm kind of in love with him. For real. For real. I'm kind of in love with him..."

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