Wil Heuser's Drunk #BB16 Saga!

Wil Heuser YouTube  BB16 The Saga
Wil Heuser's Drunken BB16 The Saga!

Yay, I love me some Wil Heuser, but I really love me some drunk Wil!

This week's #BB16TheSaga was done a little differently by Wil, this time he narrates the episode after drinking heavily. (Was he really drunk -  or acting? I say he was tipsy!)

There are sooooo many great quotes in this episode! Here are just a few of my faves:

  • "I just vomited in my mouth."

  • "Am I going cross-eyed right now?!"

  • "And she says to Megan ... Brittany! She says to Brittany..."

  • "My name is Julie Chen...and I don't like families."

  • "Who do you think has a chance to win the show?"  ... "CBS."

Love you, Wil! *hiccup*

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