Big Brother 16 Live Feeds Subscriber Voting Ends 4pm PT

Big Brother 16 Voting

Hey, Big Brother 16 live feeders, don't forget to use your vote! This week vote on what Have Nots can have besides slop.

Your options are:

Offal Burritos or Baddy Melt.

Uh, ok.... Anyhow, it looks like the vote is currently split at 50/50, so go make your vote count.

Other benefits of having the Big Brother 16 Live Feeds?

- Big Brother 16 Archives- Like SuperPass' 'Flaskback' feature, this is a MUST for true BB fans who don't want to miss a thing, or for BB bloggers, who like to reference events in the house.
- Big Brother Highlighted Moments- Using the Flashback feature you can quickly navigate to big events in the house.

Try it now!

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