[POLL] Big Brother 16 Season of Twists: Rate It!

Big Brother 16 Twists Cast Poll
BB16: Love it,  Hate it, or"Meh"?

It's week 2 for Big Brother 16, and we're getting used to it's twists and it's cast. But how do you think this season is shaping up so far?

Judging by the Big Brother 16 cast, the comps, and the twists this season, how would you rate BB16 as compared with past seasons?

I'm personally not sold on the Team America twist, but I do like the 2 HOH/ 4 noms thing they've got going. The comps this season have been really good, imo, but the cast is a bit vanilla for my liking. Just "meh."

So, what do you think about Big Brother so far? Take the poll:

Rate BB16 on a Scale of 1-10:

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