Someone in Big Brother 16 Production Hates Zach. #BBLF

Big Brother 16 Production Leak On Live Feeds
BB16 Production Leak: Someone's not a fan of Zach.

As hardcore Big Brother live feeders, we all get a bit giddy when production f**ks up and gives us a little sumthin'-sumthin' we weren't supposed to hear. (Remember Dan's diary room leak on Big Brother 14?)

So yeah, it happened today. Only it wasn't a diary room leak, it was a production leak. 

Big Brother 16 Live Feeds FLASHBACK TIME: July 9, 7:58am CAMS 3/4

Zack and Cody are playing a game of pool. Zac just broke his mic, which he feels bad about. They talk about how production scolded them on how expensive the microphones are. 

7:59:38 - Zach says, "You don't think they're going to take that out of my stipend, do you?"

Cody says he isn't sure, and Zach frets. During their conversation you can faintly hear production talking. It's super hard to hear what is being said, something about Paola, then you hear someone talk about Zach, and it is crystal clear.

FLASHBACK TIME 8:00:18 Production is heard saying:

"Zach feels extremely f**ked up about it. Which makes me hate him less."

Then FISH.

So, there you have it. Production hates Zach, but not as much since he feels bad about breaking his mic...

Someone caught it on Vine, bless your heart:

Happy Hump Day! :)

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