Joey Van Pelt Says Frankie Grande Was "Not A Genuine Person"

Big Brother 16 Joey Van Pelt Frankie Grande
Joey says Frankie's not genuine.

Big Brother 16's first evictee, Joey Van Pelt, is out of the house and on Twitter.

As we mentioned before, Joey's Twitter, @JoeyVanPelt1, was being run by a friend while she was in the house. Now that she's out, she's on social media and is posting on Twitter.

(Jake is actually @OnAirJake, who you may know already.)

After the POV ceremony Monday, Joey posted that she wasn't a big fan of Frankie in the house because she didn't find him to be genuine.

"Frankie is very talented, and he's good at making people like him, but he wasn't a genuine person to me." - Joey

Shortly after she added: "My true friends in the house that were capable of genuine connections without isolating me were Brittany and Hayden."

After today, I think many Big Brother 16 fans will agree with Joey.

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