Frankie Says He Will "Milk" His Grandpa's Death? Uh, No He Didn't.

Big Brother 16 Frankie Milking Grandpa's Death
Frankie Grande discusses noms with Hayden 

After his grandpa died, many Big Brother fans were worried about Frankie Grande.

Would Big Brother tell Frankie about his grandpa's death, or not? It took a few hours, but eventually BB did tell Frankie, and Frankie was seemingly upset, as any normal person would be. He even eulogized his grandpa during Big Brother After Dark.

Fast forward to today, Thursday. Eviction night.

After Brittany Martinez's eviction, Frankie and Zach were named as the new HOHs (thanks, Derrick). Immediately they began discussing who to put on the chopping block.

Well, the goal is for ZACH to be the standing HOH this week, Frankie doesn't want it. He only wanted photos of his grandfather, which he mentioned multiple times after his grandpa's death. Thanks to Derrick throwing the HOH comp, Frankie got them. Frankie's fault Derrick threw it?


Fast forward to 8:33pm BBT Thursday night, the witching hour for when Frankie haters are CLAIMING he said he was going to milk his grandfather's death.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but HE NEVER SAID he was going to milk his grandpa's death.

In fact, I challenged ANYONE to quote me exactly when/what Frankie said and not ONE PERSON could quote Frankie saying he was going to milk his grandpa's death. WHY? Because it never happened.

So, to end all this B.S. arguing, here is what Frankie DID say.

Frankie: "So, I'm a little conflicted, I really don't wnt to put Donnie up, but my reason for putting Donnie up..."

Hayden interrupts and Frankie continues:

"Well, I was going to say because he's won every POV, and I can be like, 'You're a beast, and you're gonna take yourself down.' So I'm not worried about it...I can do the whole, 'Oh, I got my picture, and my grandfather, that's all I wanted...and that's why I put him up, I could say that."

So THAT is the EXACT quote that people are twisting into Frankie milking his grandpa's death. If you have been watching, you would know, Frankie DID want HOH to get photos of his grandfather, that is the truth. But he never did anything to manipulate people into believing he was grieving worse than he was. And the fact that Frankie isn't sobbing 24/7 doesn't mean he is not grieving.

People who are taking this and are running with it, get real. You are making it out to be something that it's not.

My opinion? Some Big Brother fans are ruining the show. It's getting worse every season. People are actively seeking controversy, a reason to be outraged, a reason to HATE. 
I just can't anymore.

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