Frankie Grande Learns His Grandpa, Frank Grande, Has Died.

BB16 Frankie Grande Grandfather Died
Frankie grieves on #BB16

Not since Big Brother 2 have we seen anything like this. Frankie Grande's grandfather, Frank Grande, died while Frankie was in the Big Brother 16 house.

Fans wondered if Big Brother would tell him about his grandfather, and there were reports that Frankie's grandpa did not want Frankie to leave the BB16 house after his death.

At approximately 4:40pm EST the Big Brother 16 live feeds went to fish, and when they returned after 5:00pm EST, Frankie was in tears, having been informed of his grandpa's death.

"It didn't even occur to me it could possibly happen." - Frankie

Big Brother 16 Live Feeds Flashback Time
July 23, 5:00pm BBT

Frankie tells houseguests his grandpa's name was Frank Grande. He remembers him fondly, and tells stories about Frank, who definitely sounds like a fun-loving man. Frank Grande was Frankie's mother's dad.

Frankie tells HGs that if he wins HOH he'll get photos of his grandpa. He also reveals his grandpa was friends with 1940s fighter, Rocky Graziano.

Frankie told the BB16 houseguests his grandpa had been fighting cancer but that his condition had improved before he left for the Big Brother 16 house.

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