BB16: Frankie Says Lots of Sex Backstage on Broadway

Big Brother 16 Frankie Grande Broadway
Frankie schools the house on safe sex, and Broadway backstage fun.

Big Brother Live Feeds FLASHBACK July 14, 4:01 PM BBT Camera 2

Fun with dental dams! Monday afternoon a few Big Brother 16 houseguests were goofing around with BB's supplied dental dams, making nasty jokes and just being all around silly. Frankie seemed to know everything about dental dams, thanks to a Sex Ed. class, and he joked that all he does is talk sex when working on Broadway.

"Why do I know ... I guess it's because I'm in theatre and all we do is talk about sex....and what sex you're doing, and it's just sex, sex, sex, sex. Like, all we talk about is sex, all day long. Yeah, backstage at a show, there's an orgy, or we're talking about the orgy we just had."

Christine chimes in, "It's so dirty!"

Frankie continues, "It's the dirtiest ... and everyone is having sex with everyone ... usually right in front of everyone else. Yeah. We're the most open group of people on the planet."

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