Devin Saves Brittany, Replaces Her With Zach on Big Brother 16

BB16 Zankie Breakup
No more bromance for Zankie
On the Big Brother 16 live feeds Monday it was all about Zach.

During the POV ceremony Devin used the POV on Brittany, replacing her with Zach. 

The BB16 live feeds return after the POV ceremony at 1:18PM. Frankie and Zach are fighting. Frankie is acting pissy, saying he "can't believe" Zach "did that" during the POV ceremony. He seems to be acting, but he lets Zach know he is not pleased with him. Zach assures him he's with him to the end of the game.

Zach apparently blew up during the POV ceremony and called out Frankie and Devin. He got personal with Devin, saying something about his Adderall use.

Zach also called Pao Pao a liar, which she wasn't too happy about. (FLASHBACK JULY 7, 1:24PM CAMS 1/2) Pao also adamantly denied throwing the comp to other houseguests.

Big Brother 16 Bomb Squad
Zach also blew up the Bomb Squad. (FLASHBACK TIME  JULY 7, 1:45 CAMS 1/2)

Frankie tells Devin to be on his best behavior but that they have to get Zach out this week. He also tellsDevin to "deny, deny, deny" about a Bomb Squad alliance. (FLASHBACK TIME JULY 7 2:37PM CAMS 1/2)

Devin says Zach said things about his daughter, but he kept his cool. Hayden joins the Bomb Squad. (FLASHBACK TIME JULY 7, 4:05PM CAMS 3/4)

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