Devin Obsesses About Brittany to Christine

Big Brother 16 Devin Stalks Brittany
Devin wins for creepiest camera angle ever on Big Brother.

Big Brother 16 has some pretty needy dudes.

First it was Caleb and his obsession with Amber, now it's Devin and his obsession with Brittany.

On the Big Brother 16 live feeds Monday, we learned that Devin used the POV on Brittany and replaced her with Zach.

Monday night live feeders saw Devin act a little bizarre while sitting on the spiral staircase. The camera angle was just creepy. (FLASHBACK TIME July 7, 11:10PM CAMS 1/2)

Devin mumbled to Christine for a bit, and it was hard to understand him. He sounded drunk. He talked about Brittany, saying he spoke with her about "her personal life," and that (slur, slur, mumble...) they talked about things that "she would get mad" about if he told anyone. But he continued anyway, saying he talked to Brittany about her child support situation, and about people at home "giving her sh*t" about going on Big Brother.

More slurring, and Devin tells Christine that he understands Brittany's situation. He mentions asking someone if Cody was more her type.

Christine gets the funk outta there and leaves him on the stairs.
Of course she goes straight to Brittany.

Big Brother 16 Devin Obsessed With Brittany
Chrostine dishes about Devin's weird conversation
FLASHBACK July 7, 11:14PM CAMS 1/2 Nicole and Christine tell Brittany about Devin's obsession with her.

Nicole tells Brittany that Devin asked if Brittany would be more into Cody, or him. The girls laugh.

Christine tells Brittany and Nicole that Devin called her to where the cameras "couldn't see," or so he thought, and made her read his lips when he talked about Brittany.

She tells Brittany that Devin asked if he should go for her. Nicole says, "Christine, he's lost it."

Brittany asks if Devin is just trying to make her uncomfortable. Both Christine and Nicole assure her, Devin is into her.

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