Derrick's Grandpa Died Now, Too.

Big Brother 16 Frankie and Derrick's Grandpas Died
Frankie and Derrick's grandpa's died within days of each other.

What a week inside the Big Brother 16 house.

Earlier this week Frankie Grande's grandpa, Frank Grande, passed away after losing his battle with cancer.

Frank Grande's death sparked some controversy with some Big Brother 16 fans who speculated Frankie would use his grandpa's death as a way to manipulate the game. Some even suggested the whole thing was a ratings ploy (seriously?!).

But then Derrick's grandpa died on Friday...

Big Brother 16 Live Feeds 
Flashback Time 7:55pm BBT
Cams 1/2 and 3/4

His wife confirmed the sad news on Twitter.

Derrick told the houseguests that after he earned of his grandfather's death that BB16 production let him record a video message for the funeral. Derrick added that he was concerned about his father, who was very close to Grandpa Levasseur.

Big Brother 16 Grandpa Deaths
Big Brother 16 HGs learn about Derrick's grandpa's death.

Minister Jocasta was surprisingly silent after news of Derrick's grandpa.

What a bizarre year. I can't imagine how this is all affecting every single houseguest, let alone Frankie and Derrick. Everyone in that house must be thinking of their own loved ones. I can't imagine being locked away from the real world as my family was going through something so major. I would probably have to leave.

How about you? Would you stay in the Big Brother house, or would you decide to leave and be with your family? 

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