Christine Brecht's Husband "Not Stoked" She's Cuddling With Cody

BB16 Christine Brecht and Cody Calafiore
BB16: Christine Brecht's husband says to lay off the tweets!

Big Brother 16's Christine Brecht may have been cuddling with Cody, but her husband is quite aware of this, so you can probably stop with the tweets.

Christine & Cody cuddling: 
Big Brother 16 Live Feeds Flashback Time 
July 22, 4:23 PM Cam 1

On Tuesday Christine's husband, Tim, tweeted:

"I just blocked about 30 people. no, I'm not stoked about Christine cuddling with Cody. no, its not your issue so chill."

He then thanked fans who have been supportive. (Other fans haven't been so nice, as I'm sure you can imagine. Hopefully Tim can manage to ignore those nutbag fans.)


  1. I hope he serves her divorce papers when they see each other next. What she is doing is disgusting, and it's only gotten worse as time goes on.

  2. Nah he will wait to see if she WINS first lol

  3. We know she isn't going to win,sooo...

    Furthermore, does she really think Cody would give her the time of day outside of the house?

    She's one of those chicks that if a guy shows her one iota of attention, she's all over him. Disgusting pig.

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  5. Christine is your typical fake christian pig! She has no morals, has no respect for herself or her family or her husband! I have never been so happy to hear her get booed! She is a pig!

  6. Ok. 1st - Not a Christine fan here either - SORRY TIM - ***BUT, What I'd ask y'all (yes NC born and bred) to do is consider if you are genuinely hating her because of her behavior - which I grant you was bad - OR - Are you hating her because since she looks a certain way (different) "How Dare She step out of the little patch of Earth that you people have decided she should stay on." Concrete reasons I get, it's just that I'm not hearing many of those right now. As a woman, I am going to be really pissed if Cody doesn't get the same reaction. Then there is Frankie (who says things that literally make me gasp), and Caleb, who pursued a houseguest to the edge of harassment. Will you BOO them also? You had better, by gosh, or you have become a type of bigot yourselves. I don't agree with much of anything Christine did, but to paraphrase, " I'd defend to the death her female right to do it " just like the guys in the house. I'm trying really, really hard to understand her hatred and mean spiritedness and - don't get this married Southern girl started on her behavior with Cody. I have come to the conclusion that she really was just not as much of a lady (at all) as the rest of the women in the house. But, she really WAS pretty much on the level of pettiness I have seen with the guys she hung out with most. (read Frankie and Cody) So go get them in the coming weeks and I have no problem. Give them leeway that she was not afforded and we have a different scenario and a lot of hypocritical behavior.