Christine Brecht's Husband "Not Stoked" She's Cuddling With Cody

BB16 Christine Brecht and Cody Calafiore
BB16: Christine Brecht's husband says to lay off the tweets!

Big Brother 16's Christine Brecht may have been cuddling with Cody, but her husband is quite aware of this, so you can probably stop with the tweets.

Christine & Cody cuddling: 
Big Brother 16 Live Feeds Flashback Time 
July 22, 4:23 PM Cam 1

On Tuesday Christine's husband, Tim, tweeted:

"I just blocked about 30 people. no, I'm not stoked about Christine cuddling with Cody. no, its not your issue so chill."

He then thanked fans who have been supportive. (Other fans haven't been so nice, as I'm sure you can imagine. Hopefully Tim can manage to ignore those nutbag fans.)

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