Caleb Reynolds of Big Brother Singing on YouTube

Caleb Reynolds sings on YouTube

Big Brother 16's Caleb Reynolds posted a video three years ago of him singing Ryan Cabrera's 'True,' and he can hit the high notes.

He's not a bad singer, you can't bag on him for that, but he seems as needy in his videos as he does in the Big Brother house.

Caleb singing 'True':

Caleb's got himself quite a collection of cover songs on YouTube including a John Mayer cover, an Easton Corbin cover, a Marc Broussard song, all recorded while holding his phone up...while driving.


  1. Holy crap I'm impressed!

  2. Love this post, cannot stand him, but love the ...while driving! What a douchebag.

  3. I'm surprised. That was really good!!

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  5. Wow, he can sing! He is the triple threat: talented, hot and athletic. Plus, he is a soldier who has risked his life defending the U.S. Some people online have said some negative things about Caleb stretching the truth while he appeared on the Live TV Show BigBrother, which was taped for 90 plus days, 24 hrs. a day. BigBrother is a show where people lie to one another to win $500,000. Of course, Caleb exaggerated or lied as an attempt to get people to like him and gain houseguest favor, but not to be malicious. I watched the BigBrother live feeds and yes Caleb may be naive, trustworthy and honorable to a fault for the purpose of winning that show, but when did these qualities become undesirable? BigBrother had 16 different houseguests each possessing both positive and negative traits, but if there were a compilation and comparison of these attributes, it is Caleb, who has the "true heart of gold"!