Watch BBUK 2014 Online From U.S. Or Canada

Watch BBUK 2014 Online
Watch BBUK 2014 Online from the US & Canada

Are you wondering how you can watch BBUK 2014 without living in the UK? It's been a struggle for BBUK fans in the U.S. and Canada for years, but finally it seems there is a brilliant solution.

The Hola! app . . . quite possibly the most amazing app ever created for Big Brother superfans.

Many Big Brother fans used it for Big Brother Canada 2, and now you can use it for BBUK 2014.

We're already a week into Big Brother UK 2014, and it's a FANTASTIC season with a great cast. (BBUK always has the best casts!)

If you are behind, you can catch up on episodes on Channel 5's website, the official home of BBUK 2014. New episodes are updated daily. This is a great, safe place to watch all episodes of BBUK.

You can also catch past episodes on YouTube.


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