Dr. Will's Ego Hacks His Twitter Account!

Dr. Will Kirby Twitter Fight Jun Song
Stolen from MelGotSeved.com because it's awesome.

Yep, I am amazed too. Dr. Will Kirby's ego can tweet.

After reading a hilarious, and I do mean hilarious, blog written about him by Jun Song, Dr. Will lashed out at Jun on Twitter. (Apparently wealthy, super-important doctors have time to read blogs about themselves.)

Not sure what he was all pissy about, the blog was funny and lighthearted. You can read it here, Will Versus Dan. Nothing Jun says isn't the truth.

Afterwards, Will's ego hopped on Twitter and blasted Jun. It even called her a man.


"You're off on a lot of points but thanks for your candid opinion, @JunDishes. When did we meet? I don't recall that."

His ego is such a bitch. 

Jun responded, "You have selective recall?"

Ego snapped back, "it was probably a big deal to meet one of your heros, @JunDishes, so you locked it into your gray matter. I put it in short term."

Someone tell Ego how to spell HEROES, please. Ironic the Ego can't spell that word.

Ego then deleted it's tweets, probably realizing how asshole-ish they sounded. But alas, @AllThingsBB16 screen-capped it:

Dr. Will Kirby Twitter Fight

Ego also tweeted that Jun is a man. Because in Twitter wars, when you have nothing else, you can always call a female a man.

Weak, again.

Dr. Will Kirby Twitter Jun Song
"Trying to think of a witty retort for @JunDishes but he is so unmemorable that I know nothing about him. I can't remember every fan, guys."

Dr. Will is a human being, just like the rest of us, but he doesn't seem to think so. He thinks he is some super celebrity, but fact is, he's just a guy. Not any more important, or less important, than you or I. He poops too, you know.

I'm Team Jun, all the way, baby. That Ego is such a twat.

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