TRIVIA CONTEST: Big Brother US Trivia Time!

Big Brother USA Trivia Questions
Big Brother Superfan Trivia!
UPDATE: The Winners are Timster, Amber S. and John W. ~ Please email me at BigBroSpice at Gmail to claim your prize!

Hey Big Brother fans, BB16 is just a WEEK AWAY (omg) and just for kicks I thought I'd list some fun Big Brother trivia for all you Superfans. Don't use Google, but instead try and recall the events from past BB seasons on your own.

Leave your answers (and name!) in the comments section and I'll randomly select three of you to win a Big Brother Live Feeds bag from BB14/SuperPass! (You don't need to have them all correct to be eligible.) Good luck!

Big Brother U.S. Trivia Questions:

1. Big Brother Season 1 lasted ____ days.
2. Which Big Brother season was the longest?
3. Who was the first HG to be kicked out of the Big Brother house?
4. Who was the first BB HG to leave the house voluntarily?
5. Who is the youngest BB HG to enter the house?
6. What season did the BB house move from Lot 8 to Lot 18?
7. What season did Big Brother have the Golden Key twist?
8. Which Big Brother season had the most episodes ever?
9. Which season was Julie Chen pregnant?
10. What season did Big Brother start calling it's contestants "houseguests"?
11. What season was the POV introduced?
12. Which BB season aired the 500th episode?
13. Which former BB HG was featured in an Enrique Iglesias video?
14. Name 2 HGs who were in the "Popular" clique.
15. My favorite HG ever is ____!

Winners selected randomly on Monday, June 23, 2014 Wednesday, June 25. 2014. Please check back here to see if you won, winner's list will be posted in this blog.

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