BB16 Will Launch With 2-NIGHT PREMIERE!

Big Brother 16 Premiere June 25, 2014
Big Brother 16 Premiere will be two episodes long

I just love this time of year.....the time when Big Brother fans try and dissect every clue to figure out what the hell lies ahead. Isn't it fun? This season there are TONS of rumors, but there are a few things we do know for sure. One is that Big Brother 16 will launch with a 2-night premiere beginning on Wednesday, June 25th (we FINALLY get to watch it in HD), and another is that Big Brother After Dark will be over at TVGN again, sadly.

Here's everything else you need to know:

- CBS confirmed today that BB16 will have a 2-night premiere this season. 

Meaning, both Wednesday (June 25 @ 8pm) and Thursday (June 26 @ 9pm) will be a part of the premiere. This could mean lots of craziness right from the start. This also hints at WHY we won't get Big Brother 16 Live Feeds until after Thursday's show June 26th!
Which brings me to...

- No live feeds until June 26th at 10pm PST.

CBS has confirmed there will be no BB16 live feeds* until after Thursday's episode has aired on the west coast. Catch up on your sleep now, because there will be no sleep that Thursday evening. :)

- I hope you love Jeff Schroeder.

Jeff is once again the face of the Big Brother Live Feeds, and he's doing a pre-premiere live event on the site, the "BB Live Kickoff." This will begin June 25th at 7:00 PM ET/4:00 PM PT only on the live feeds.

He's also doing a post-premiere event, Thursday night, June 26th, the "BB All-Nighter," where he'll be live-tweeting for the first 16-hours of the BB live feeds. Of course it could be anyone tweeting, but we'll believe it's Jeff actually pulling an all-nighter.

Jeff will also be hosting a weekly live chat, every Friday at 12:00 PM PT. He'll be taking your questions.

- Must be a BB16 live feeder to VOTE!

If you haven't ordered the Big Brother live feeds yet, better hop to it. Feeders will have power this season, much like BBCAN. Your "Impact Vote" could help to influence the game.

- Practice up on your #BBSelfie.

The Big Brother Photo Booth returns for its second season with a new twist. Fans will be able to submit photos using #BBSelfie that could be chosen to go into the BB16 House Photo Booth each week.

(*For those with mobile devices, you do NOT need an app to watch the BB16 live feeds, just visit the CBS site in your mobile browser, same as if you were on a laptop or PC.)

Here we go! Are you ready?

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