BB16's Paola Shea Told Liza Stinton She Had Horse Teeth

Big Brother 16 Paola Shea, Liza GinaMarie Fight
Paola Shea loves GinaMarie Zimerman, bitches!

If catty females are your thing on Big Brother, you might just love BB16's Paola Shea.

Big Brother Canada's Liza Stinton tweeted out two scathing tweets sent to her by Paola last February, and they are brutal!

This all went down when Liza and Big Brother 15's GinaMarie Zimmerman were at war on Twitter. Paola Shea, a huge GinaMarie fan (and friend irl I guess), defended GM and laid into Liza, saying she has horse teeth.

Big Brother 16 Paola Fight Liza
Paola Shea is no Liza Stinton fan!

Wow, chica is a spitfire! She also pulls no punches, so she might look all sweet now, but she can obviously be very vicious. Awesome, she should be drama. Holla!

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