BB16 House 'URBAN TREEHOUSE' Theme Revealed

Big Brother 16 House Urban Treehouse
The Big Brother 16 house revealed

 If you were hoping for a brand new layout for the Big Brother 16 house, sorry to disappoint you, it looks like the same house, just with new decor. So for the 11th season in a row, the Big Brother house layout has been mostly unchanged.

The Big Brother 16 house theme is "Urban Treehouse." If you recall, the theme for Big Brother 14 house was "Urban Pop." The descriptions are even similar. Sorry, BB but I have to bust your balls for your lack of creativity.

More pics of the Big Brother 16 house, thanks to TVGN:

Big Brother 16 House Tree House
Julie Chen Shows Off the BB16 House
Big Brother 2014 House Pics
BB16 Bathroom, same ol', same ol'...

Big Brother 16 2014 House Pics
The BB116 Urban Treehouse has 70s Color Schemes

Big Brother 16 2014 House Pics
Orange, Brown and Turquoise are Prevalent In The BB16 House


The new TVGN commercial may have also shown silhouettes of Big Brother 16 houseguests:

Big Brother 16 Houseguests Pics
Big Brother 16 houseguests?
Watch the TVGN commercial for BB16's Big Brother After Dark:

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