Follow BB16 Cast on Twitter! [LIST]

Big Brother 16 Cast Twitter Accounts List
BB16 Twitter Accounts

Now that we know who the Big Brother 16 cast members are, we NEED to know their Twitter accounts! So, after doing a little poking around, I've come up with a list of BB16 cast Twitter accounts, that may, or may not, be used once they get out of the house. You know how that goes.

I'll be updating the Twitter accounts list as the BB16 season progresses, and if you know any Twitter accounts that aren't listed let me know.

Big Brother 16 Cast Twitter Accounts So Far:

Zach Rance - @ranceypants (Of course I love this Twitter name and hope he never changes it.)

Devin Shepherd - @DevinShepBB16

Frankie Grande - @FrankieJGrande

Brittany Martinez @britt4skin (someone please explain to me why Brittany has 'foreskin' in her Twitter handle...k thx.) UPDATE: Brittany just changed her Twitter handle to @Brittany_BB16

Caleb Reynolds @BBTeamCaleb Caleb's brothers are running it until he gets out of the BB16 house.

Joey Van Pelt - Joey's friends are running this Twitter account until she gets out: @JoeyVanPelt1 and you can like Joey's Facebook page here.

Amber Borzotra - @aborzotra (account has been deleted.)

Victoria Rafaeli @VictoriaRPhoto

Hayden Voss @teenage_child

Paola Shea - @paolashea

Donny Thompson @DonnyJThompson @DonnyThompsonBB

Derrick Levasseur - @Derrick_L13

Christine Brecht - @stinestinks, it's a protected Twitter account. Her family is running @BBTeamChristine.

Cody Calafiore - @Cody_Calafiore, it's a protected Twitter account.

Jocasta Odom @jocastao

Nicole Franzel @Nicole_Franzel

Again, if you know any of the missing Twitter accounts drop me a comment and let me know. Happy Big Brother 16 tweeting!

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