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Big Brother 16 Swimsuit Photos Pics
Do Big Brother 16 Swimsuits Reveal Character Traits?

Everyone's been waiting for them, and here they are. The Big Brother 16 swimsuit photos and group photos.

I know I totally dogged you all by not doing a first impressions blog this season - even though I said I would - so instead, I am going to just judge the Big Brother 16 houseguests by their swimwear. Come on now, we all do it.

So, from Left to Right, Top to Bottom, here we go. What do the Big Brother 16 houseguest's swimsuits say about them?

Paola 'Firecracker' Shea: Deep Plunging Neckline, Solid Black One-Piece Swimsuit. 

Spicy's Thoughts: A one-piece?! The nerve! Paola's choice reminds me of Amanda's swimsuit from last season. The one she seduced McCrae in, and the one that repulsed Elissa. (If it matters, Paola's swimsuit is THE HOTTEST.)
I think Paola's plunging neckline says she'll make herself vulnerable in this game, but the solid color (black) says she won't waver on her alliances. Her climbing the ladder, looking up, and practically being on Joey's back signifies that she may ride someone's coattails in the game.

Joey 'Thing 1' Van Pelt: Black and White Bandeau Bikini.

Spicy's Thoughts: Although I'm a Joey fan, I'm not a fan of this swimsuit on her. Girlfriend's got herself a badonk, and her bottoms are too small. 
I think Joey's swimsuit says she'll be torn between two alliances (black/white), or people, in the house. I also think her choice of swimwear isn't her "style," meaning, I think Joey may pretend to be someone she's not in order to get her further in the game.

Devin 'The Rock' Shepherd: Black Swim Shorts.

Spicy's Thoughts: Forget the shorts, Devin is all about his stance. He's confident, arrogant and oblivious to everyone around him. It appears as though the Big Brother 16 world revolves around him in this picture. His ego will be his worst enemy.

Nicole 'BabyFace' Franzel: Pastel Bandeau Bikini.

Spicy's Thoughts: Nicole's swimsuit says she will be a softie. The pastel colors say she is super girly, and a gentle soul. Her stance says she is uncomfortable with her position in the house and lacks confidence.

Cody 'Abs' Calafiore: Aqua Colored Swim Trunks.

Spicy's Thoughts: Cody is flexing his abs so hard it's affecting his smile. He's hot in his modeling pics, but in BB16 photos he's kinda doofy.

Derrick 'Porkchop'  Levasseur: Brown Ugly Swim Trunks.

Spicy's Thoughts: His swim trunks scream, 'Borrrring.' 
By the way, is that Laremy? (You feeders will know who I'm referring to.)

Christine 'Marsha/Cindy Brady' Brecht: Tankini with Boy Cut Bottoms.

Spicy's Thoughts: Christine should have picked something cuter, omg, but here we go. 
Christine's swimwear says she'll be practical, reserved and she'll fit in better with the boys than the girls.

Hayden 'Not That Hayden' Voss: That Dumb Hat, Retro-Inspired Swim Trunks, Tween Shoes.

Spicy's Thoughts: Hayden is immature, yet funny, he's also got more depth than most people give him credit for. He could be this season's ultimate floater. 

Lacosta 'Bunny' Odom: Pink Skirted One Piece, Bowtie.

Spicy's Thoughts: Does she have a bowtie in every color? If so, I think Jocasta is going to be a flip-flopper (she's wearing those too) and go wherever the power lies within the Big Brother 16 house. I think her bowtie hints of sexuality as well, despite her being a "minister." 

Victoria 'Meh' Rafaeli: Ruffle Top Green Bikini.

Spicy's Thoughts: Victoria's necklace says she is uber high maintenance and wants to be the center of attention at all times. Her ruffled corset style bikini top says she wants to be seen as sweet and innocent but also wishes to be desired by the men in the house.

Caleb 'Cracker' Reynolds: Pink Swim Trunk, Knee Socks, Cowboy Boots.

Spicy's Thoughts: Holy WTF. Caleb's all over the place in this shot. Pink swim trunks signify Caleb wants to hide the fact that he's a threat in the game. His cowboy hat and boots show the image he is trying to portray, but everything in between is the real Caleb. Conflicted.

Frankie 'Pequeño' Grande: Speedo.

Spicy's Thoughts: I wouldn't expect anything less. 

Amber 'Pins' Borzotra: High-Cut Hip, One Piece.

Spicy's Thoughts: Clearly Amber has a rocking bod and could have chosen something sexier, but girlfriend looks hot in anything. I think Amber is going to try to downplay her beauty in the game to help align with females in the BB16 house. (Those LEGS will help her win comps!)

Zach 'Jagerbomb' Rance: Red, White, Blue and Black Swim Trunks.

Spicy's Thoughts: His long swim trunks hide his skinny chicken legs. He's going to be hiding a lot more than chicken legs this summer.

Brittany 'Baby Mama' Martinez: Tie Front Bikini Top, O-Ring Bottoms.

Spicy's Thoughts: Brittany is a sexual temptress. Brittany's bikini says she wants to be seen as the prettiest, most desired female in the BB16 house. (She's certainly the most fertile.) Being seen as a mother isn't as important to Brittany as being seen as sexual. Prove me wrong, Brit.

Donny 'Duck' Thompson: T-Shirt, Ball Cap, Trunks.

Spicy's Thoughts: Pretty sure Donny would rather be in cutoff jeans and shirtless, but BB probably saved us. Donny's outfit shows he is attempting to be young and hip in order to fit in with the house.

What are YOUR predictions based on the Big Brother 6 houseguests swimsuits/ swimwear? HAPPY PREMIERE DAY! Get the BB16 Live Feeds at Early Bird Prices Now, as the special ends tomorrow!

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Big Brother 16 Swimsuits Photos 2014
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Big Brother 16 Swimsuits 2014
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