Big Brother 16 Media Day Coverage 2014!

Big Brother 16 BB16 Media Day Video
BB16 Media Day with Rachel Reilly

Here's the video of Big Brother 16's Media Day, a day I'll forever be jealous of other media members as long as BB is around.

This year former Big Brother winner Rachel Reilly took part in Media Day, like she has in the past, but this time she was in as a media member.

Mike Boogie
Soon after the media members grab their beds (or not) and Rachel notices the shower doors are shorter than normal. Prime for nipple slippage.

After introductions the media day members head out to the backyard for the HOH comp. Mike Boogie is hosting. It's a "Would You Rather" comp. After numerous questions, Rachel is one of the first evicted.

"I'm embarrassed, I'm RACHEL! How did I get eliminated in my own house?" -Rachel Reilly
A Topeka, KS media dude wins HOH and Boogie picks three houseguests to be Have-Nots. He doesn't choose Rachel surprisingly.

Two media members who have played in Media Day numerous times are nominated. Rachel is not. Shocker!

The doorbell rings....aaaaand it's Jessie Godderz. Another Shocker!  Uhhhh not. (Remember I told my girlfriend was on the Big Brother lot that day and spotted him!)

Big Brother 16 Media Day Jessie Godderz
Jessie's guaranteed a BB cameo once a year, or something.

Then it's time for the POV comp, "Veto Island." Media members must build a rock statue from large puzzle pieces.

The same guy who won HOH wins POV.

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Big Brother 16 Media Day Coverage

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