Big Brother 16 Live Feeds Early Bird Content

Big Brother Live Feeds Early Bird Special Content
BB16 Live Feeds Early Bird Content

You may be wondering what content is included when you subscribe to the Big Brother 16 live feeds Early Bird special. Here's the scoop.

Big Brother 16 Live Feeds Early Bird Special Features:

Big Brother 16 Live Feeds Chat Rooms
BB16 Live Feeds Chat

The usual. Chatrooms, both official and public created. You need to create a unique username for your BB16 Live Feeds experience.

Where Are They Now? hosted by Jeff Schroeder.
Ashley Iocco - Ashley says she moved to Santa Monica and loves it. She's still spray tanning. She says she has no hard feelings with anyone from her season. She has a boyfriend.
Mike Boogie - Boogie is still in the bar business, no mention of that little lawsuit.

Producer Interviews with your favorites, Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan.
They talk casting ("just be yourself,") and the upcoming season, Big Brother 16.

Allison & Rich's Clues to Big Brother 16:
"You have to throw a curveball now, especially in our 16th season."
"You can't come in expecting to know how to play this game."

LIVE CHAT WITH HAYDEN MOSS:On June 10, 2014 there will be a live chat with former Big Brother winner (and Survivor guy) Hayden Moss. "Winners Tell All" will air at 12PM PST/3PM EST on Tuesday, 6/10. Jeff Schroeder is hosting.

SpicyPants Talks Big Brother 16 Live Feeds Early Bird Content from Spicy Pants on Vimeo.

Note: It seems they are having some issues with the feeds, as per usual, gotta work out the kinks and such. Be patient. It's REALLY glitchy right now, especially the videos. 
If you're going to watch a video, only press play once, and don't try to rewind or fast-forward it as it's playing or you're screwed. If you find that the audio of Ashley is playing WHILE trying to watch other videos, PAUSE Ashley's video first, then click to watch other videos. I hope this helps. If you have any other tips leave them below in the comments section!

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