Joey Van Pelt Is #TeamAmerica's First Alliance Member

Big Brother 16 TeamAmerica Joey Van Pelt
Joey Van Pelt is first member of #TeamAmerica
During Part 2 of the CBS Big Brother 16 premiere the first alliance member of #TeamAmerica was named. It's blue-haired firecracker, Joey Van Pelt, the cosmetologist from Seattle.

Everyone, including myself, thought for sure it would be Frankie Grande, since, well, his sister is "one of the most famous people in the world," but that wasn't the case. Maybe the Arianamals couldn't figure out how to vote (or didn't know about it since they generally aren't Big Brother fans), or maybe production decided it should be given to Joey. Either way, Joey Van Pelt is the first member of the secret #TeamAmerica alliance.

Who are you voting to be the second #TeamAmerica member?  Most fans I have talked with are voting for either Donny, Zach or Amber. Do you like this TeamAmerica twist, or do you think it's going to screw the game up? I'd love to hear your thoughts. TGIF!

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