BB16 Live Feeds: Joey's Already Streaking Naked.

The Big Brother 16 live feeds started with a bang Thursday night!

After an awkward beginning (the houseguests sitting in the living room all together), BB16 houseguest Joey Van Pelt decided to streak. I think the Big Brother 16 live feeds were on for about all of 3 minutes. (FLASHBACK TIME: 6/16 10:03pm)

Now, girlfriend has a serious badonk, and she let it all hang out as she streaked across Big Brother fans computer screens, tits flying, ass bouncing.

Pedicab driver Hayden Voss also joined in on the streaking action. Surprisingly, BB16 houseguest and self proclaimed nudist, Christine Brecht kept her clothes on.

If you haven't subscribed to the Big Brother 16 live feeds yet, get on it! You never know when Joey is going to streak, and break out that badonk once again.

Happy live feeding, Big Brother fans!

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