PHOTOS: Big Brother 16 House 'Earth, Wind, Fire & Ice

Today is the Big Brother 16 house reveal, and THR has some great shots of the BB16 house before they're officially released by CBS.

According to production designer Scott Storey this year's BB16 house has elements of earth, wind, fire and ice.

Big Brother 16 House Tour PIcs
The Big Brother 16 "Fire" Bedroom
"Fire was tricky. How do I want to represent fire without putting pictures of flames on the walls?" he said.

The bedroom walls are burnt, the bedspreads have flames, the lamps have fake matchsticks inside and the carpet is pixelated with reds, oranges and yellows.

Another bedroom is the Cave bedroom. Let's just say this bedroom is like camping out. Sleeping bags, large rock walls, camping gear, cage lights (like the ones you use under the hood of a car), moss, mushrooms, it's very Pacific Northwest. I'd probably feel very at home here, heh. Especially if it rained.

Big Brother 16 Cave Room Bedroom
The Cave Bedroom
The house has a beehive, and it's in the old "arcade room," near the bathroom. Honeycomb shaped furniture, more cage lighting and fun 70s-inspired colors. (If you lived the 70s, you know it's true.)

Big Brother 16 Beehive Room
The Beehive

The "effervescent" bathroom, done in snow white and Tiffany blue. Every female I have talked to loves this color scheme. 

Big Brother 16 Bathroom 2014
The Big Brother 16 bathroom, looks great when it's clean.

The hallway to the kitchen is pretty cool:

Big Brother 16 2014 House Tour
The hallway

The kitchen is trippy, I wasn't much of a fan initially, but now that we've seen more pics, I kind of like it's earthy feel.

Big Brother 16 House Kitchen
The scaled down BB16 kitchen
Big Brother 16 Kitchen Pics
Another shot of the kitchen

Scott Storey says the Big Brother 16 kitchen has been "deconstructed" this year, due to it's treehouse theme. "I didn't want to have the full, traditional residential-style kitchen, so we've taken the kitchen and deconstructed it." 

The vegetables would be cooler if they were real.

The Memory Wall is different for Big Brother 16, it consists of two large LCD screens and 16 slots for houseguest's keys. The LCD screens will not only be used for the Memory Wall, but for competition games and other goodies.

Big Brother 16 Memory Wall
16 slots for houseguest keys

The upstairs treehouse is a place for Big Brother 16 houseguests to relax, play games and discuss strategies.

Big Brother 16 Treehouse House Pics
The Treehouse and Picnic Table

The tree sculpture spans two-stories and is made from wood and steel.

Big Brother 16 Tree House Pics
The Big Brother 16 tree
Big Brother 16 House Tour Photos
The Living Room
Big Brother 16 Living Room

And the Have-Not bedroom? Not so comfortable.

Big Brother 16 House Have Not Bedroom
Ice Ice Baby.

What do you think about the Big brother 16 house so far? Despite production leaving the BB16 house layout the same, are you happy with the new decor?

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