First Look Inside the #BB16 House! Birds, Bees? [Photos]

Big Brother 16 House Birds And The Bees Theme
Are these hints of a 'Birds & the Bees' BB16 house theme?

Big Brother 16 is getting now less than 2-WEEKS away, and thanks to some awesome Tweet-whores we have a couple shots from inside the #BB16 house. After studying the screenshots and the video, here's what I've concluded.

The house has a "Bird's and the Bees" theme! Read on and see if you agree with me...

Originally posted by @kjrichmond on Twitter, here are a couple screenshots from the Big Brother 16 house. These shots were captured from ET Canada's house reveal teaser. We'll get to see more next week, but here's a sneak peek, including what looks to be a bird's nest bed with blue eggs (pillows?):

Big Brother 16 House Bird Nest Bed
Is that a bird nest bed??

Big Brother 16 House Birds Bees Pics
Honeycomb pattern on wall = BEES

Has anyone else has put these two things together yet? I think my guess may carry some weight. But what do you think it means? Showmances vets? An all-new cast of couples?

ET Canada BB16 house tour teaser as posted on YouTube by

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