BB16's Frankie Grande and Nick Uhas' YouTube Video

Big Brother Frankie Grande Nick Uhas YouTube
Frankie Grande and Nick Uhas's underwear.

This video is from last year but since I quit watching Nick Uhas YouTube videos after his "tour" started, I missed this one.

It's Big Brother 16's Frankie Grande, better known as Ariana Grande's brother, until today, and Nick Uhas showing off their bird chests on "Topless Tuesday."

I'm not here to discuss Nick's sexuality, but...uh, yeah.

Anyway, Frankie Grande, before his platinum & pink hair, and Nick Uhas before you forgot who he was. (You will soon.)

Does anyone else think it's weird that Nick & Frankie are buddies, and GinaMarie and Paola are BFFs? Are there any other former Big Brother HGs with ties to former houseguests?

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