Big Brother 16: Frankie Grande Wins First HOH

Big Brother 16 Frankie Grande HOH
BB16's First HOH, Frankie
Controversial houseguest (due to his sister being famous) Frankie Grande was crowned the first HOH of the summer on Big Brother 16 Wednesday.

The first 8 houseguests entered the house during Wednesday's premiere, and competed for HOH in a competition called, 'Go Fly a Kite.'

While balancing on a rotating beam and holding onto a 'kite,' it was Frankie Grande who came out on top, winning the very first HOH for Big Brother 16.

But will this be a good thing? As Julie Chen has said, just because you're HOH doesn't mean you're safe...

On tomorrow's episode the next 8 houseguests will be joining the house, and another HOH will be crowned. Julie says by the end of the week, there will only be ONE HOH left standing.

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