More Cody Calafiore Topless Modeling Pics

Big Brother 16 Cody Calafiore Modeling Pics

Big Brother 16 fans are loving Cody Calafiore's modeling pics for C-IN2, and of course, I dug up some more. Just because.

(Did you miss the video? YUM.)

Cody has got the abs, the tush, and the smile. He's definitely THE hottie, based on looks alone. I haven't seen his video yet (omg, I'm in Montana and the internet sucks - don't even get me started) but I heard he might not have a lot going on upstairs. I hope that's not true, but we'll see next week.

For now, let's just oogle at his beautifully chiseled body in these fantastic modeling pics.


Cody Calafiore makes me wanna say goo-goo ga-ga!
Big Brother 16 Cody Calafiore Modeling BB16 Cody Calafiore Sexy Pics

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