BB16: Christine Brecht Likes to Be Naked at Home

Big Brother 16 Christine Brecht Naked
Christine Brecht of Big Brother 16

Big Brother 16's Christine Brecht says she spends a lot of time naked at home. But does that mean she'll be getting naked inside the BB16 house? Don't count on it.

Christine is from Tucson and it gets damn hot there! It also gets hot in the BB16 house, but if you couldn't tell from Christine's very modest swimsuit, she's not into showing.

Christine might like being naked at home with her husband, but she ain't getting naked with her houseguests on the Big Brother live feeds. She also assured us that she will definitely NOT be streaking in the BB16 house. Sorry, Arlie.

Big Brother fans have been pretty brutal to Christine on social media, I've seen lots of 'nose' jokes, but c'mon, she might win you over once the live feeds spark up....even though her Vines are pretty weird. Heh.

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