PHOTOS: Big Brother 16 Cast Houseguests Revealed!

We have been anxiously awaiting the Big Brother 16 cast since BB15 ended, and FINALLY the wait is over!

Here are your Big Brother 16 houseguests, what do you think of the new cast?

Big Brother 16 Cast Christine Brecht

Christine Brecht, 23
Hometown: Tucson, Ariz.
Current City: Tucson, Ariz.

Big Brother 16 Cast Derrick Levasseur

Derrick Levasseur, 30
Hometown: Providence, R.I.
Current City: Providence, R.I.
Police Sergeant

Big Brother 16 Cast Donny Thompson
Donny Thompson, 42
Hometown: Albemarle, N.C.
Current City: Albemarle, N.C.
School Groundskeeper

Big Brother 16 Cast Paola Shea
Paola Shea, 27
Hometown: East Hampton, Conn.
Current City: Astoria, N.Y.

Big Brother 16 Cast Zach Rance
Zach Rance, 23
Hometown: Palm Beach, Fla.
Current City: Palm Beach, Fla.
Recent College Graduate

Big Brother 16 Cast Hayden Voss

Hayden Voss, 21
Hometown: Marlborough, Mass.
Current City: Long Beach, Calif.
Pedicab Driver

Big Brother 16 Cast Victoria Rafaeli
Victoria Rafaeli, 22
Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y. and Holon, Israel
Current City: Weston, Fla.

Big Brother 16 Cast Amber Borzotra
Amber Borzotra, 26
Hometown: Knoxville, Tenn.
Current City: North Hollywood, Calif.

Big Brother 16 Cast Joey Van Pelt
Joey Van Pelt, 27
Hometown: Seattle, Wash.
Current City: Seattle, Wash.
Makeup Artist

Big Brother 16 Cast Caleb Reynolds
Caleb Reynolds, 26
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Current City: Hopkinsville, Ky.
Adventure Hunting Guide

Big Brother 16 Cast Brittany Martinez

Brittany Martinez, 29
Hometown: Long Beach, Calif.
Current City: Torrance, Calif.
Event Coordinator

Big Brother 16 Cast Devin Shepherd
Devin Shepherd, 26
Hometown: Santa Barbara, Calif.
Current City: San Antonio, Texas
Former Professional Baseball Player Motorcycle Sales Manager

Big Brother 16 Cast Cody Calafiore
Cody Calafiore, 23
Hometown: Hackensack, N.J.
Current City: Howell, N.J.
Sales Account Executive

Big Brother 16 Cast Jocasta Odom
Jocasta Odom, 33
Hometown: Griffin, Ga.
Current City: Lovejoy, Ga.

Big Brother 16 Cast Nicole Franzel

Nicole Franzel, 21
Hometown: Ubly, Mich.
Current City: Ubly, Mich.
Recent Nursing Graduate

Big Brother 16 Cast Frankie Grande

Frankie Grande, 31
Hometown: Boca Raton, Fla.
Current City: New York, N.Y.
YouTube Personality
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