Caleb Still Doesn't Get That Amber's Not Into Him.

BB16 Caleb Reynolds Amber Borzotra OMG
Caleb won't STFU about Amber.

Big Brother 16's Caleb Reynolds is obsessed with Amber Borzotra and will NOT STOP TALKING ABOUT HER.

And you thought GinaMarie was bad, Caleb won't shut up. Poor Amber, trying to avoid him, but she could only do it for so long. Caleb finally sunk his meathooks into her, and she was trapped into a lengthy, awkward conversation where, you guessed, Caleb did all the talking.


  1. OMG!!!! I feel so bad for Caleb....he must have been so embarrassed.

  2. Amber doesn't reciprocate Caleb's feelings so now the guys are claiming she led Caleb on and was using him to get through the game. Typical. Turn her into a bad person because she doesn't like him.

  3. oh thats to much for bad him.
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