Caleb Reynolds is Obsessed With Amber Borzotra

Big Brother 16 Caleb and Amber Showmance
Caleb talks about Amber on Night 1 of the BBLF

Big Brother 16's cowboy, Caleb Reynolds, is already on the hunt for a showmance . . . a showmance with Amber Borzotra! (So to those of you who wanted to peg him as a racist, he's not, but he might be a little obsessive.)

Last night, the first night of the Big Brother 16 live feeds, we not only saw some T&A from Joey and Hayden, we also saw that Caleb is utterly, and totally, smitten with Amber.


Amber Bozotra Caleb Reynolds Showmance BB16
Amber, Oblivious, in Another Room
Caleb has been talking to Paola about Amber for an extended amount of time. He says that he really likes Amber, and the distance between them will be no problem. He also says that he notices her looking at him, and says that she will go out of her way to sit by him. He also says he knows Amber isn't keen on having a showmance in the house.

"Do I think it would be nice to cuddle in a room, or cuddle in a bed and talk and maybe kiss every once in awhile? Yeah, but to me that's not a showmance."

"I'm telling you, that girl. That's the only girl I've met in the past 4-years that I would ever take home to my parents. EVER." - Caleb on Amber

"And it's not just that. She's got some of the best qualities, you know what I mean? Things that attract other guys, like Joey showing her boobs, even though she's got pasties on.... If Amber was to do that, I'd leave the room because I respect her too much. She's always reading her Bible, or always giving me scriptures to read, and that is the most attractive quality to me in a girl."

Do you think Caleb Reynolds and Amber Bozotra will end up having a showmance in the Big Brother 16 house?


  1. that girl will destroy that country boy...he better wise up.

    1. Why would amber destroy him? She is nice cool and good looking!

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    4. No doubt. She would crush this country bumpkin!

    5. That country boy likes that country girl. She's from Knoxville. It's all good.

  2. that top pic is caleb talking to poala, not amber.

  3. I hope not.....

  4. Here we go, some females just can't catch a break. I'm sure if it was Nicole he was interested in, the opinions would be quite different, ugh, this Country lives on stereotypes.

  5. He wouldn't be wanting to take her to meet his parents if he was racist.

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  7. Caleb is a combo of a pathetic puppy dog and a creepy stalker!