Big Brother 16 in HD Finally? CBS Moves to HD At Last.

Big Brother 16 in HD High Def
BB16 will be in HD - hooray for zits!

Multiple sources are reporting this morning that Big Brother 16 will FINALLY be in HD (high definition).

After years of Superpass offering HD, CBS never stepped up to the plate and got HD cameras. Superpass had HD capability for years, but CBS was too cheap just never ready to make the transition. Now they are.


“We’ve all wanted to go digital,” executive producer Allison Grodner told us. 
“It’s not just about swapping out cameras,” explains Rich Meehan, who exec-produces Brother alongside Grodner. “Everything had to be changed ... and we couldn’t do anything that would jeopardize production of the series.”

Basically they held off as long as they could because they were too cheap it was quite an undertaking. Better late than never.

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